Newsletter collection points across Southampton:



SO16 6TQ


Antelope House

SO14 0YG


Board in the City

SO14 0YG       


Cheviot Road Surgery

SO16 4AH


George Tutte & Associates

SO15 3HE



SO14 1NW                                                      

SO15 5LG

SO19 9DY


Countess Mountbatten Hospice

SO30 3JB                                            


Freemantle & Shirley Community Centre

SO15 3HE                                   


Hill Lane Surgery

SO17 5DD

Highfield Pharmacy

SO17 1TL        



Bitterne Library SO18 5EG

Central Library SO14 7LW

Lordshill Library SO16 8HY

Portswood Library SO17 2NG

Shirley Library SO15 5LL

Woolston Library SO19 9EF


Community Libraries

Burgess Road Library SO16 3HF

Cobbett Hub and Library SO18 1HL

Millbrook Community Library SO16 9QX

Thornhill Community Library SO19 6DF

YMCA Weston Library SO19 9HG


Lordshill Health Centre        

SO16 8HY                               


October Books

SO17 2NF                                                       


Re:Minds at St James Methodist Church

SO15 5HE


Royal South Hants: Information kiosk

SO14 0YG                                                       


Sholing Community Centre

SO19 1BN



SO14 2BX


Southampton University GP Practice

SO17 1BJ


St Denys Community Centre

SO17 2JZ


Southampton Voluntary Action Centre

SO14 1NW


Thornhill Baptist Church

SO18 5TR


Townhill Park Community Centre

SO18 2FH


Townhill Park Surgery

S018 3RA                                            


University Hospital Southampton: Front Desk and Discharge Bureau

SO16 6YD                               


West Itchen community Trust

SO14 0JG


Western Community Hospital

SO16 4XE                                


Woolston Community Centre

SO19 9FU