Global Disability Summit logoOn 24 July 2018 the UK government will co-host its first ever Global Disability Summit with the International Disability Alliance and the Government of Kenya.

Penny Mordaunt will bring together global leaders and technology companies to tackle the barriers that prevent people living with disabilities from reaching their full potential.

The summit will take place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London and will bring together more than 700 delegates from governments, donors, private sector organisations, charities and organisations of persons with disabilities.

People with disabilities have a much lower employment rate in both developed and developing countries. In Bangladesh, this means that $54 million are lost every year, because people with disabilities do not have the right support. Overcoming these barriers would boost global prosperity.

DFID wants to shine a spotlight on the role that innovation and technology can play to help people with disabilities. For example, UK aid-supported D-Rev, is a small business which developed a low-cost prosthetic knee for young adults in rural Africa and Asia, to make sure it could reach the poorest people.

Innovation and expertise from world-leading private sector businesses, including Microsoft, will be vital for DFID to learn how to successfully support people with disabilities in the developing world.

The ‘Charter for Change’ is the official legacy document of the Global Disability Summit on 24 July in London. This will ensure global consensus to address a long-neglected issue, and support the rights of persons with disabilities around the world.

Alongside the Government of Kenya and the International Disability Alliance, we are calling on all organisations and governments to sign up to the Charter. To do so, please email ‘yes’ to [email protected]

What will happen at the Global Disability Summit?

The summit, which takes place on 24 July at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, is built around major commitments to be made around four major themes (dignity and respect for all, inclusive education, economic empowerment and technology & innovation) and includes additional cross-cutting and strategic spotlight sessions.

Our programme is supported by a vibrant combination of marketplace exhibits, music and film – with leaders, speakers and activists with disabilities at its heart.

The Summit follows its sister event on the 23 July at the same venue: the Civil Society Forum. This event, hosted by the International Disability Alliance, is a one-day event to which all invitees to the summit will also be invited. The purpose of the Forum is to amplify the voice and participation of persons with disabilities in the outcomes of the Summit, through their individual participation and that of representative organisations (DPOs).