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People with mental health problems are three times as likely to be in problem debt:

Money and Mental Health is an independent charity, committed to breaking the link between financial difficulty and mental health problems. They conduct research, develop practical policy solutions and work in partnership with both those providing services and those using them to find what really works.

This article is taken directly from the website:

"New research shows over 20,000 people in England were struggling with problem debt last year whilst in hospital for their mental health.

That’s tens of thousands of people likely to be receiving calls and emails from banks, credit card companies, local authorities and other creditors whilst in acute distress, potentially feeling suicidal. Thousands more were in a similar position whilst receiving mental health crisis support in the community.

The Government is introducing a new ‘Breathing Space’ scheme, to give people in problem debt a window without fees or charges, and where they won’t be pursued by creditors if they seek debt advice.

But this won’t support the tens of thousands of people in mental health crisis who are too unwell to either manage their finances alone, or to visit a debt advisor.

Supported by 23 national organisations, we are calling on the Government to extend the Breathing Space scheme to people in hospital for their mental health, or under the care of a crisis team in their local community.