Support to carers

Scrutiny Inquiry Panel - Carer Friendly Southampton, Thursday, 28th January, 2021, 5.30 pm

28th January 2021: Support to carers

  • Access to health and social care services in the caring role
  • Information, advice and guidance for the caring role
  • Support and training for a carer
  • Experience and response to COVID -19

Meeting venue: Virtual Meeting

Contact Carers in Southampton to ask for assistance to provide your evidence in audio or video file.

See here for agenda and login details on Southampton City Council web site

There are a number of ways in which you can get involved:

Attend a meeting of the Overview & Scrutiny Management Committee or a Scrutiny Panel. All scrutiny meetings are held in public and anyone is welcome to attend to listen to proceedings. Meetings are currently usually held in the Civic Centre and a calendar of scrutiny meetings is available. Only on rare occasions, when certain types of confidential information is being discussed, are members of the public not allowed to attend.
You can ask questions at meetings or submit questions in writing that you would like the committee or panels to ask our executive councillors or our senior officers when they are called before the committee or panels.
Give your feedback to inquiry meetings as part of evidence gathering.

Scrutiny inquiries can consider written evidence and members of the public, community groups, or other key stakeholders can write in to bring evidence to the attention of Inquiry Panel members.

Address: Democratic Services, Civic Centre, Southampton, SO147LY
Email: [email protected]