South Western Railway

Rail Assistance Card Launched: On 21 July, South Western Railway (SWR) launched the Travel Assistance Card (TAC) which is a free card for anyone who may need that extra bit of help and find it difficult to ask. All of SWR's staff have been trained to recognise the card and if you show it to any member of their staff, they will help you as best they can. Their TAC can be requested at any of their stations, through their customer services team, or downloaded from their website here:  Alternatively, telephone 03456 000650.

To use the card, there is space on there to tell SWR a little about you and what help you may need. You can write or draw anything that could help their staff to assist you. Simply show the card to a member of staff at the station or on the train and they will help you as best they can.

The TAC can be useful for people with: learning difficulties • memory loss • limited or no English • hearing impairments • problems communicating.