The falls detector

If the individual wearing it has a fall, the sensor within the device is primed to detect this and raise the alarm, even if the unfortunate wearer is knocked unconscious.

Depending on preference the falls detectors come as watch based devices (as shown below) or pendant GPS tracker devices.

Client case study: Cecilia, Aged 89

Cecilia lives in her own home alone but receives regular support from her family. She has been admitted to hospital twice in the last two months following a fall at home with one resulting in a long lie. Cecilia is adamant she wants to remain living in her own home, but her family are concerned that she may fall again.

An appointment was made to visit Cecilia with her son present.  Based on her previous falls and a discussion it was decided to install a falls detector and bed exit monitor.

Cecilia had a fall not long after the install and her fall detector activated. Help was sent to her quickly and she was helped off the floor. This call, unlike the previous one, did not result in a hospital admission.

Cecilia is able to live at home safely and her family are reassured that she can get help quickly if she falls again.

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