ADHD Drop in Clinic for Parents at CAMHS

Drop in sessions are being held at The Better Care Centre, Southampton CAMHS, Western Community Hospital, William Macleod Way, Southampton SO16 4XE 10am-12.30pm, on Tuesdays 21 November and 19 DecemberRead more

ADHD Key resources

A list of useful websites about ADHDRead more

Asperger Southampton

Provide knowledge and advice, for adults, on living with Asperger SyndromeRead more

Asperger’s Adventures - Minecraft and Meltdowns

Asperger’s Adventures - Minecraft and Meltdowns. A Facebook group welcoming anyone interested in AutismRead more

CommunicoTool 2

CommunicoTool 2 is a language and development application for tablet. The app offers a gallery of images, pictograms, and sounds to help children express themselves and interact successfully with the world.Read more

I CAN Help Enquiry Service

I CAN is the children’s communication charity giving advie on difficulties with speaking or understanding.Read more

Inter-STAARS ADHD early intervention study

Recruiting babies under 14 months who have a sibling / parent with ADHD or hyper active symptoms to take part in a computer-based attention training. Inter-STAARS is a new, NHS approved study adopting a unique approach to early intervention for infants at risk of developing ADHD.Read more

Parenting a child with ADHD

A US based website resource that includes many other relevant web linksRead more

Sensory Play at Pickles with Sure Start West

A group aimed at parents who have children aged 0-19yrs with additional needs (with or without a diagnosis)Read more

Southampton University SHARE Project

The South Hampshire Register is a unique research project involving children aged 3 - 18 years who show symptoms of ADHD, Anxiety or behavioural difficulties.Read more

UK ADHD Partnership

UKAP recognises ADHD as a complex but treatable condition, which can have a profound impact on individuals, families and society. Lists support group networks across the UKRead more

Understood is a US based free resource and community supporting parents of kids with learning and attention issues through personalised resources, tools and expert access.Read more