South Western Railway Rail Assistance Card Launched

A free card for anyone who may need that extra bit of help and find it difficult to ask. All of SWR's staff have been trained to recognise the card and if you show it to any member of their staff, they will help you as best they can.Read more

Carers UK photography competition 2018

Now open for entries, the photography competition closes on the 17 August 2018. Suitable whether you’re an experienced photographer or are just beginning to express yourself through photography. The 2018 competition is once again supported by Specsavers. Fiirst prize in each category is £100 in high street vouchers and £125 in Specsavers eyecare vouchers.Read more

Help Southampton Health Living provide an even better service

Services provided include support to help you stop smoking, support to help you lose weight, support to help you increase your physical activity levels and help to reduce your alcohol consumption. Services are provided through groups, one-to-one consultations, telephone or online. Please spend a few minutes completing this short online survey to help Southampton Healthy Living gain an insight into the lifestyle concerns of local people and improve the services they offer you.Read more

Vulnerable offenders steered towards medical treatment

Offenders increasingly ordered to use health services to address mental health, alcohol and drug issues in 5 pilot areas.Read more

Wearable devices to alert you to a fall

SCC Careline can provide fall detector wearable devices. The sensor within the device is primed to detect a fall and raise the alarm, even if the unfortunate wearer is knocked unconscious. Available as watch based devices (as shown below) or pendant GPS tracker devices.Read more

Wanted: anyone looking after a family member with dementia to take part in research

PhD research study recruiting dementia carers: using a game to understand dementia. Looking for participants to play the game and answer questions.Read more

Expert advice and information on Lewy body dementia now available

Dementia UK have launched a new partnership with The Lewy Body Society to offer expert advice and information on Lewy body dementia through their Admiral Nurse Dementia HelplineRead more

SoCo Mental Health Peer Support Music Group Relaunched

A safe and supportive space to learn, play, listen and share. All abilities welcome. Wednesdays 1.30-3.30pm weekly from August 1 / The Pavilion, Hoglands Park, Palmerston Road, Southampton SO14 1NHRead more

Discounted and free entry at National Trust locations

You can take one or two carers or companions with you, free of charge. Just show your Essential Companion card when you arrive, and your carer(s) or companion(s) won’t need to pay an entry fee. It’s in your name so you can bring whomever you like, but even if you don’t have an Essential Companion card, you can still bring carers or companions free – the card just makes it quicker and simpler for you.Read more

Our latest Newsletter is out

Now available to view and packed full of activities, events, new products and services.Read more

BBC Radio 4 Money Box Live - Unpaid Carers 11th July 2018

What help, both financial and otherwise, is available for unpaid carers? If you have a separate job what legal and informal options exist for you to get the help you need from your employer? If you're a young carer, where can you find support? Joining Paul Lewis are Sally West, Policy Manager Income and Policy for Age UK, Katherine Wilson, Head of Employers for Carers which is a Carers UK initiative and Laura Bennett, Senior Policy Manager, Young and Young Adult Carers at Carers Trust.Read more

Carer experience of appetite changes in people living with dementia

A doctoral research fellow at the University of Southampton is looking to recruit carers (family and friends) of individuals with dementia. Click the post for more details.Read more