Southern HealthFor family and friends of people who use  Southern Health Mental Health services in Southampton

This group aims to support anyone involved in the life of someone using mental health services who may benefit from support in managing their wellbeing in the context of caring for someone

  • Meet others with similar experiences
  • Learn look after yourself while caring for someone who is unwell
  • Share your ways of coping and learn new skills to live well, in line with what is important to you

ACT stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • ACT emphasises learning new skills to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings
  • ACT focuses on identifying what’s most important to you, as a way to guide your actions and relationships
  • ACT uses mindfulness to practice being in the present and to become more aware of thoughts and feelings

To find out more please contact: 

East Southampton CMHT: 02380 475287 (SO19, SO18)

Central Southampton CMHT: 02380 717204 (SO14, SO15, SO17)

West Southampton CMHT: 02380 878040 (SO16, SO15)