Al-Nissa - Southampton

Local support for Muslim women
Our members on a voluntary not-for-profit basis provide Support / Counselling services to muslim women who are in need. Whether it is someone in need of advice, living alone or facing tough times. Al-Nissa also work with social services and local councils to assist Muslim women whenever they need us.

Over the years Al-Nissa have made a difference in the lives of many women who have fallen on tough times or in need of moral support andhave succeeded in uplifting them, providing support and any other assistance to help them find their feet and improve the quality of their lives. Al-Nissa maintain complete confidentiality.

Al-Nissa constantly endeavour to help raise public awareness and empower muslim women through the power of knowledge and strength of community.

Contact: Arzoo Iqbal

Every Monday Chai and Chat 1.30pm-3pm


Annexe to Southampton Medina Mosque Trust Ltd
Compton Walk, Off St. Mary’s Road
Southampton, SO14 0BH

For more details contact the Medina Mosque via


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 023 8023 1945, 023 8023 2101, 023 8063 5941