Alex Kelly is the author of the best selling TALKABOUT resources and has over 30 years experience of working with people with learning disabilities & autism. She now runs her own company Alex Kelly Ltd, employing 15 Speech and Language Therapists.


Phone: 023 8098 7134

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Series of workshops at 7.00-9.00 pm at Fleming House, Romsey, SO51 8ED

Wednesday 28 February: SENSORY PROCESSING & ANXIETY Roz Urwin (Consultant OT & Advanced Practitioner Sensory Integration) will be presenting an OT’s perspective on understanding the impact of sensory processing and anxiety on learning and participation in everyday life, introducing tools & strategies. Although following on from Sandy Teal’s talk on Anxiety in September 2017, you won’t need to have attended it to find this session useful.

Wednesday 28 March: SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Emily Dennis will discuss her project with some theory behind it, introducing her two resources (Talkabout Sex & Relationships Vol 1 & 2), then trying out a couple of activities. This is appropriate for children aged 11 and up; however, the relationships side can be adapted for younger children.

Monday 23rd April: SOCIAL THINKING Katherine Wareham will look at the core underlying principles of Social Thinking®; by being better social thinkers, young people with social difficulties can improve their social interactions and relationships with both peers and adults.

Thursday 24 May: INTENSIVE INTERACTION Zara Baillie & Grace Anstey will present an overview of the intensive interaction approach and how it can be used to support the early stages of communication. This is suitable for all age groups who are developing early communication skills, e.g. turn taking, vocalizations and play.

Monday 25 June: SENSORY INTEGRATION Presented by Ellie Jones (occupational therapist): Sensory Integration refers to the way an individual gains information from the world, organizes & interprets it. Ellie will discuss what Sensory Integration is and how to support your child in their environments.

Thursday 12 July: POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR SUPPORT Presented by speech & language therapist Chris Mcloughlin, this will be an evening for any parent of someone with learning disabilities or autism. It will include background information around the principles of PBS, its implementation and its effect on how we work alongside our young people.