Aubin App

Aubin App

Aubin is a new type of journey planner app designed to help autistic people travel on public transport.

Aubin was designed with the autistic community, for the autistic community. Unlike other journey planner apps, Aubin combines journey planner and travel companion and calculates the least stressful journey for the user, not the fastest or cheapest.

New route-planning technology

Uses JNCTION’s own new route planning technology and detailed descriptions of each transport interchange to help plan less stressful routes.

Route disruption re-planner

When there is disruption on a route, Aubin suggests alternative routes or modes of travel by using the user’s saved preferences to help the traveller get to their destination.

Autism alert card

Aubin includes a digital autism alert card to assist passengers who find verbal communication with communication with other passengers and transport staff.

One-touch emergency call function

Aubin includes an emergency call function to contact a parent or friend quickly and easily.

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