Southampton Autism Support Services 

Southampton NHS provides support services for individuals and families affected by autism, through Community Access - Autism Hampshire. The Community Access Team have extensive information and knowledge of services available in Southampton and a local Southampton office. They are able to signpost individuals, parents and professionals to other agencies with links, facilities and services in the field of autism. The Community Access team are available on the telephone, by email or by appointment to meet 1:1 on a large range of issues. The team also visit locations and events to offer support and advice and have a range of information books available to borrow. They also facilitate a range of drop in groups where people can access this service pre, during and post diagnosis. In Southampton everyone who receives a diagnosis of autism will be referred (if they want to be) for post diagnosis support from the Community Access Team. Additional support is also available at any stage of transition in education, transition from children to adult services and support at other transitional times such as moving house, or change in family dynamics. Please click here to download the Communtity Access Services leaflet.

Community Access Library 

Available within the Community Access Department is a well stocked library with specialist books on all aspects of autism which are free to borrow. Please call 023 80 766162 to arrange a visit to the library.

Resource Lending Service - Try Before You Buy

Resources that may help people with autism are available to borrow for a short time or to view. Items such as weighted blankets, ear defenders and timers are made available to borrow for a small deposit. Click here to download a leaflet about the service.

Autism Alert Programme: Alert App, Card and Smart Phone Loan Service

This supports people with autism should they find themselves in any type of contact with the Police.

Contact: Community Access - 3 Bassett Avenue, Southampton, SO16 7DP. Tel: 023 8076 6162 or email: [email protected]