Befriending Networks

Do you or someone you know need a Befriender?

There are befriending projects all over the UK from the Shetland Islands to Cornwall. Our directory provides links to Befriending Networks member services throughout the country so you can find a service that is local and fits the support needs of yourself or someone you care about. 

Important points to bear in mind

Being matched with a befriender can provide an immensely positive impact in many people's lives by offering a reliable, trusting relationship. The role of a befriender is, however, primarily about social contact, rather than doing practical jobs like driving, shopping or DIY or providing other types of care. If a befriender still seems right for you or someone you know, the next step will be to identify and contacted a relevant organisation. Please be aware some organisations will have a waiting list, while others will be able to provide in-person or telephone support sooner.

If you have any questions phone Befriending Networks: 0131 261 8799 or Email: [email protected]

Find a Befriender

Search their Befriending Directory for a service near you. Other resources for finding a Befriender include your local Council of Voluntary Service (CVS)Volunteer Centre (Local Volunteer Development Agency) or Social Work Department.




Telephone: 0131 261 8799
Email: [email protected]

Events & Support for Organisations in England 

Diane Claridge, Development Officer, [email protected]

Sandra Marsden, Membership Support Officer for England, [email protected]