Brain in Hand software lets you easily access support from your phone. Used by people with autism or mental health problems, it’s packed with features to help you remember activities, reduce anxiety and feel supported. Together this helps you achieve your goals – whether that’s travelling independently, staying in school, going to college or university, starting work for the first time or just learning how to deal better with life’s up and downs.

Lots of organisations use Brain in Hand as part of their support service and are already seeing both improved outcomes and cost savings. Organisations report higher quality of care, fewer restraints, quicker and more accurate reporting and substantial cost savings. Click on the image below to watch the BBC One show video clip.

One Show Video feature Brain in Hand App

Please be aware that this is a commercial product and CIS cannot endorse any specific paid service.  This is here for information only.

The original concept for Brain in Hand came from Dr Tony Brown, the Clinical Director of the Autism Diagnostic Research Centre and one of their founder Directors Andrew Stamp, whose son has autism. Andrew and Tony spotted the need to provide assistance to people both within a supported environment, but crucially to help them on their journey to greater independence. Andrew went on to found Brain in Hand.


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