Breast Cancer Haven support anyone affected by breast cancer.  This includes people who carry genes like BRCA 1 and 2.  No referral is required and the Breast Cancer Haven is not geographically bound.  They also offer four free hours of counselling to family or someone who may have supported the person.

Breast Cancer Haven offer a personalised support programme which includes 12 free hours of one-to-one appointment time. This includes two hours with a healthcare professional and up to ten hours of supportive therapy time.  All their therapies are to help with the emotional and physical side-effects from breast cancer and its treatments.  They also offer help with healthy eating, exercise and run regular support groups.

Services are available at any time which can be before, during or after medical treatment. If someone cannot get to one of their centres then their self-help films and information can be accessed via their website at:   

Phone: 01329 559290

Email: [email protected] 

Address: 35 The Square, Titchfield, Hampshire, PO14 4RT