Carers in Southampton is a support service for adult unpaid carers within Southampton with an ambitious aspiration to make Southampton more carer friendly.

In Carers Week 2016, we launched our ‘building carer friendly communities’ campaign to raise awareness across the city and encourage Southampton to become more carer friendly!  We are challenging the different communities across Southampton by asking ‘what could you do to build carer friendly communities?’.

We want to engage business owners/managers to become carer friendly companies and move Southampton closer to becoming a carer friendly city by working with communities, businesses, individuals and statutory services.

Purpose of Carer Friendly Company Charter 

The charter has been established to share a common understanding and ways business owners / managers can become a carer friendly company.  This would add value to their profile, demonstrate to their workforce they are committed to supporting them and reduce any unnecessary additional costs associated with staff turnover due to their caring role.

3 in 5 people will become an unpaid carer in their life time, meaning nearly every business is likely to employ a carer or have carers already employed in their workforce, which is a reason for everyone to consider ways they support carers.  It is very likely many companies already have the processes in places to become a carer friendly company, without any additional resources being needed or allocated.  For any company that doesn’t have the processes in place, it wouldn’t take much to become a Carer Friendly Company.


There are no external costs to any company wishing to become a Carer Friendly Company; we as a service will support any company wishing to become a Carer Friendly Company with help, support and training based on what they want.  The only costs associated with this is internal, through staff time.

Requirements to become a Carer Friendly Company

To achieve the required standards and become a Carer Friendly Company you will need to:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to unpaid carers, through ensuring their rights are captured within the generic policies and/or procedures for the company.
  • Proactively encourage the identification of unpaid carers within the workforce, through a safe, non-judgemental environment.
  • To identify a transparent approach to flexible working requests, or a willingness to offer (within clear boundaries) flexible working roles/types.
  • Adopt an appropriate approach to enable carers to be contacted in an emergency whilst completing their duties in the workplace.
  • Have procedures in place to inform carers of external support services available to them.
  • Be an equal opportunities employer, and promote this within any posts recruited for.

Additional measures that can also be adopted include:

  • Creating a specific unpaid carers policy.
  • Have a carers champion, someone who will champion the rights of carers in the company.
  • Develop a training programme for managers/team leaders that provides awareness on unpaid carers and the company’s position.
  • Promote the company as a Carer Friendly Company within your marketing and advertising for staff
  • Not to financially disadvantage unpaid carers when a they need time off at short notice.

What help could Carers in Southampton provide?

We would offer you as much assistance as you require.  We can’t do everything for you, but will happily provide training and offer advice on meeting the required standards to achieve becoming a Carer Friendly Company.

We provide completely free help without any charges, hidden or otherwise.

Next steps

If you fulfil the requirements to be a Carer Friendly Champion, then you may publicise that by using the logo below. 

You can contact us

[email protected] 

023 8058 2387