Carers assessments evaluate your need for support and services and eligibility for a personal wellbeing payment

Who can have a carers assessment?
You must be an adult providing care and support to an adult (18 years +) who is living in the local area served by Southampton City Council and who is disabled, ill or elderly. 

Register with our service for a supported assessment by phoning 023 8058 2387

What is the outcome of a carers assessment?
Outcomes of a carers assessment include advice, referral to relevant services and for those providing significant levels of care there is a small personal budget award (not means tested).  Carers assessments do not produce an outcome of respite or paid carer services. 

What does a carers assessment involve?
See our guide to preparing for a carers assessment

Adult social care support for carers
Carers can be eligible for support from their local authority in their own right based on their own needs.  Phone SCC Adult Social Services on 023 8083 3003 or see here for online self-assessment by Southampton City Council:

See here for eligibility criteria under the Care Act 2014 for support from adult social services:

Not looking after an adult?
Click here if you are a parent carer of a child under 18

Not an adult yourself?
Click here if you are under 18

Not caring for someone in a Southampton City Council postcode?
Click here for Hampshire carer services.

Why should you do a carers assessment?
A carers assessment aims to identify your needs as a carer.  It should pinpoint what help and support you might need in maintaining your own health and well-being, while continuing your caring role.  

All carers can access information and advice.  Additionally, based on the needs identified in your assessment, you may be eligible for any of the following:

  • Support and services
  • A personal budget*

A personal wellbeing payment (personal budget) is for carers to spend on something that will benefit themselves as carers e.g. social outings, gym membership, beauty treatments or in specific circumstances, replacement care (someone to provide cover while you are out).  The budget is provided via a direct payment to a specifically designated Allpay bank account with a direct debit card.

Allpay Card
If you are awarded a personal budget you will be asked to provide details to set up a specifically designated Allpay bank account with a direct debit card.  For all queries about your Allpay account please contact Allpay via phone 0330 123 2041 – this costs 3p a minute.

I get Carers Allowance; can I still have a Carers Assessment and get the personal wellbeing payment (personal budget)?
Personal budgets are not a replacement of income. They are not part of taxable income and they do not affect any other benefits.  Carers Assessments are also not means tested.  

Special communication needs
Currently all assessments are carried out via a telephone interview.  If you need additional support please phone to request a face-to-face supported assessments. 

Assisting someone else with a carers assessment?
If you are assisting someone else to complete the carers assessment then they must be present in person or via telephone during completion to ensure accurate information is provided and to provide consent. 

Wish to refer someone?
Please complete a referral form here

How to prepare for the assessment
Before the assessment it may help to write a day-to-day diary of your caring tasks, to remind you how much you do and to think about how you will answer the questions.  During the assessment you will be asked about: 

  • Your personal and family situation and history including existing support and things that are working well.
  • The details of the care and support you provide and the parts you think are most important.
  • What, if any, support you receive from others e.g. family members, community, GP.
  • Your living situation including challenges with finances, transport, cooking, shopping, cleaning etc.
  • Other caring responsibilities e.g. for children or other family members.
  • Impact of your caring role on your family, social life and work.
  • Impact of your caring role on your mental wellbeing and physical health.
  • Your ability to continue your role.
  • Details of the people you care for.

You can download a more detailed guide to the questions below:

Carers guide to carers assessment as PDF file 

Carers guide to carers assessment as Word file

What next?

  1. Register for a supported assessment by phoning 023 8058 2387. You will be told about the process and how long the waiting list is.
  2. When your place comes up on the waiting list you will receive a phone call to arrange when it is convenient for you to have an assessment. Your assessment will be done by phone and will take about 45 minutes.  Your completed assessment will be used to determine your eligibility to receive services and support; however, all carers will be eligible for information and advice.
  3. You will be contacted shortly after your assessment with the results of your eligibility

You can find more information on carers assessments at this Carers UK page:

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