2016-2020 Southampton Carers’ Strategy

Download to view by clicking Southampton Strategy for Unpaid Carers and Young Carers 2016-2020

The Carers’ Strategy is a joint plan, created by working with partners in Southampton City Council, Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS), local charities and community groups, and carers.

The strategy outlines the key priorities of carers in the city. Organisations like the local NHS and City Council will then develop actions plans that they as an organisation will develop to make themselves more carer friendly and supportive.  These actions will be different, depending on the organisation creating them.

There are six main areas of focus for the strategy:

Carer identification, recognition and contribution
Increasing awareness of carer issues and needs by involving them in shaping services and encouraging identification of people as carers.

Information and advice
Signposting and providing carers access to important information in a variety of formats to ensure ease of access.

Collaborative and innovative support
Joined up thinking and planning from all professionals and agencies and ensuring easy access to the right support for both carers and the person in their care.

Support in maintaining health, wellbeing and safety
Encouraging carers to take care of their own health and wellbeing with support from services where needed.

Planned and unplanned breaks from caring
Providing high quality and appropriate respite for both carers and the person in their care.

Young carers protected and supported to learn and thrive
Providing support to young carers and enabling them to understand their rights and entitlements.

At broader stakeholder events and workshops, participants were asked for feedback on what works well, what doesn’t work well, and what needs to change regarding support and services for carers who are caring for a Southampton resident or are a carer living in Southampton. A wealth of information was fed back from carers and professionals working in adult social care, children’s services, several different areas of healthcare and public health, as well as among the various voluntary organisations that work daily with carers and the people they look after.

Carers were approached and encouraged to provide feedback at various events, groups, and through an online survey as well as alongside stakeholders at larger workshops and events.

Download Appendix A & B – Feedback from Carers and Stakeholder Workshop to see feedback recorded from carers. Please note that carer comments are transcribed verbatim.

How will this strategy make a difference?

The Southampton Carers Strategy 2016-2020 has been created with this question in mind. The strategy has pulled together national legislation, local data, carer and professional feedback to generate a summary of need in Southampton.

It is the responsibility of each local organisation or network of organisations, community groups, carers and community members to develop their own action plans based on the six priority areas highlighted in the strategy.

The Strategy steering group will work with key organisations to ensure they have developed a corporate plan of action that reflects all relevant priorities. The steering group will follow up with organisations to monitor the development and implementation of action plans.

We anticipate a commitment to the development of action plans from:

  • Primary Care (including Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group, Solent NHS Trust, Southern Health, University Health Trust)
  • Statutory Services (such as Adult Social Care, Children’s Services, Public Health, Schools & Colleges)

We encourage pledges as well as action plans from:

  • Voluntary Organisations (e.g. Solent Mind, Southampton Voluntary Services, Carers in Southampton)
  • Businesses
  • Neighbourhood and Community Groups
  • Individuals, Families and Friends

To submit a pledge yourself or on behalf of your organisation, please click here.

Download Leaflet about the Strategy and Becoming a Carer Friendly Community