National campaign

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of unpaid caring and the huge toll it takes on those who do it.  Monday 10 to Sunday 16 June is Carers Week and provides a great opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges unpaid carers face, recognise the contribution they make and signpost support.  Across the UK today 6.5 million people are carers, supporting a loved one who is older, disabled or seriously ill.  The national campaign aims to encourage 'Getting Carers Connected' in their communities.

Southampton campaign

There are an estimated 30,000 unpaid carers in Southampton but many of them are invisible, identifying themselves first as family members or friends just doing what they can out of love. A huge number are simply unware of the help available to them so we need your help to tell them about our service.  Building on the national campaign, the Carers in Southampton team invite local professionals and members of the community to identify carers they encounter daily and signpost our service.  We in turn can then support those carers with relevant advice and direct them to relevant local services for additional assistance. 

If you would like to see exactly what we can do for carers please visit this page here

How YOU can help

We have provided posters and postcards for you to share (see below)

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Campaign hashtag #SignpostCarer

Carers UK hashtag: #CarersWeek


Carers can also attend a free lunch with guest speaker Dr Mayank Patel on Wednesday 12th June at the Victory Church in Portswood.  Attendees must pre-register.  Details here:

You can pledge your support for carers at Carers UK:

All the posters and postcards are available as PDFs on our website here:

Posters for professionials

Poster for retailers: ‘Is your customer shopping for someone else?’

Poster for workplaces: ‘Is your colleague going home to work the night shift?’

Poster for medical clinicians: ‘Who helped your patient attend this appointment?’

Postcards for community (double sided)

Is your mate moonlighting as a minder?

Is your partner running a laundry service?


Is your sister on suicide watch?

Is your brother lifting the wrong sort of weights?


Is your wife falling apart?

Is your husband driving around in circles?


Is your pupil scared of being a punchbag?

Is your neighbour married to her mobile phone?


Is your son popping someone else’s pills?

Is your daughter having too many duvet days?


Is your husband more often in sickness than in health?

Has your wife had too many bad hair days?


Is your dad hiding in the shed more than usual?

Does your mum have the GP on speed dial?


Is your gran burning the candle at both ends?

Is your grandad burning rubber as a taxi driver?


Is your gran doing someone else’s laundry?

Has your grandad got his own parking space at the hospital?


Is your uncle racing against the clock?

Is your aunt having her ear bent all night?


Has your pal become a party pooper?

Has your mate blown the whistle on the footie again?


Is your niece running a helpdesk after work?

Is your nephew playing nurse before work?

Further information

Carers in Southampton is a free service for adults who give their time, unpaid, to look after a family member, friend or neighbour with additional support needs.  The service is available to those resident in a Southampton city postcode or looking after someone who lives in a Southampton city postcode.  It offers statutory carer's assessments to identify needs and determine eligibility for support and personal budgets.  There is a team of dedicated support workers and a website with comprehensive information on benefits, rights and relevant services. Carers can apply for a carers card to provide identification and gain discounts and are also encouraged to complete an emergency plan around arrangements for their loved one should they be taken ill. The service provides monthly carers’ lunches, with relevant speakers, a lunch prepared by Mencap members and the opportunity to socialise with other people in similar situations.  The feedback is that this socialising is very supportive. 

Recently, Carers in Southampton has offered support to carers when their caring role ends.  Dealing with bereavement after being a carer can be an extremely difficult time and individuals can feel the loss of the role they had as carer and the purpose and identity this gave them.  Our Life after Caring currently runs once a month, and carers who have come along report that being able to talk to others who understand is invaluable.