CASCAIDr is a specialist advice charity helping people get their full legal rights to care and support services – and in so doing, support defensible decision-making by the public sector.

They provide a resolution-focused and practical service in their Free Scope category of work – comprising information, advice, and legal framework expertise for free – for people who have a current public law problem concerning their access to health or social care rights.

They also help people with low cost advice services by the hour, if their issue is within what they call their secondary sphere of charitable output – so, for instance, they charge a very low cost to individuals and charities for a broader range of support, in the making of complaints, seeking reimbursement for some wrongly charged for services, ordinary residence disputes, etc.

They operate online, primarily, in a virtual space, and have no employees at all – just unpaid trustees/directors, and volunteers. They use self-employed caseworkers and contractors as informal experts in the Care Act, and health, social care and human rights law in general. 


Contact information:

If you are an individual, in need of advice, please click on Free Advice and fill out a referral form.

If you can’t manage the referral form please book a call via a button on the home page – the office number is 01252 560856.