Connected Care


Connected care is a service offering a range of equipment designed to help keep you safe, independent and confident at home. It operates 24 hours a day and can help manage risks such as falling or other concerns that mean that you need urgent help. It is for individual and carers who have been referred by social workers and health professionals in Southampton.


One off charges:

Installation charge

£10 within Southampton city boundaires; £20 up to 10 miles outside the city boundary

Key Safe charge (if required)


Ongoing Service charges (per week):

Silver Service: Monitoring Service and Personal Contacts- £3 plus VAT

Gold Service: Monitoring and Responding Service- £4.25 plus VAT

Carer Alert: No service charge but installation charge applies


A range of equipment is available free-of-charge. Including: Alarm buttons and pendants, fall detectors, epilepsy sensors, medication dispensers, carer alerts, door exit monitors, bed or chair exit monitors, smoke detectors and temperature sensors

Silver Service: Monitoring Service and Personal Contacts

If you choose the silver service you will provide a minimum of two personal contacts who are key holders and willing to respond and come to your home when required.

Gold Service: Monitoring and Responding Service

If you choose the gold service the service will also send out a responder when required.You must have a key safe with the gold service so that the responders can gain access to your property in an emergency. responders can help to check that you are safe and assist to stand if you have fallen, but they cannot provide personal care.

Carer Alert

Some equipment can be set up to work with a carer alert so that it notifies an on-site carer rather than coming through to the monitoring team.


 Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LY


 023 8083 3675


 [email protected]


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