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DEMAND help people with disabilities improve their lived experience both day to day and by being able to access more life enriching opportunities.  They will consider any challenge, whether the request is from a parent, carer, health professional or directly from someone with a challenge they’d like to overcome. Not every problem can be solved with equipment, but they draw on our wealth of engineering and technical knowledge to help whenever we can.

They help people of any age, and with any kind of disability regardless of their financial circumstance.

DEMAND not only creates equipment which address every-day needs. They also help people to access and enjoy sport and leisure activities.

Equipment that people have purchased or been issued with all too often doesn’t meet their needs, which is where DEMAND step in. However, their work is not funded by the NHS or Local Authorities so they rely heavily on voluntary donations. Read more by clicking their website page links below:

Phone: 01923 681 800