‘Behind the Wheel’ from Independent Age

Includes tips for safe and confident driving in later life, and guidance if you do decide to stop driving in the future (for safety reasons, not due to your age).  Download here:


YOUNG DRIVER™ West Quay offers driving experience for children 10-17

and also adults and people with additional needs

Lessons take place in real, dual control cars, with a government approved instructor.  Automatic vehicles if needed.  Lessons take place on private property.  YOUNG DRIVER™ work with young and older people with a wide range of disabilities, including those who are deaf, have prosthetic limbs, are in wheelchairs, are blind, or have learning disabilities or neurological disorders.  Some may have thought they’d never have the opportunity to drive, and some may never be able to drive on the roads.  For those ineligible for a test, it's a chance to experience something new, learn new skills and it can really help build self confidence.  Safety is top priority.  Phone: 0844 371 9010   Address: 27 Harbour Parade, Southampton SO15 1BA   Email: [email protected]   Website: https://www.youngdriver.eu/

Speed Of Sight Charity: Life changing driving experiences for people with disabilities

Hosts driving days for disabled adults and children, their families and friends, inspiring self-confidence, social interaction, physical and mental wellbeing throughout the UK.  http://speedofsight.org/

iCAN experiences gift activities  for people with disabilities

Provide unforgettable, fun activities for people with disabilities.  Phone: 01869 322000  Email: [email protected]   Visit: https://icanexperiences.co.uk/master-activities/driving

Hampshire County Council Driver Skills Scheme 60+: Road Safety and Driver Training

For people aged 60 years and over who want to update skills and knowledge, adapt to a new vehicle or simply to gain confidence.  A driver assessment, and perhaps refresher training can reduce fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear, so increasing resale value.  You may receive insurance discounts and it might help keep your no claims bonus intact.  Delivered from your home in your own home by specially selected and trained Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Approved Driving Instructors (ADI).  Those with a diagnosed notifiable medical condition are not eligible.

Cost: The appraisal lasts 90 minutes and costs £35.00 for drivers of 60 years+ resident in Hampshire.  Phone: 01962 846100  E-mail  [email protected]  Or book online at: www.hants.gov.uk/shop 

Check if a health condition affects your driving

You need to tell DVLA about some medical conditions as they can affect your driving

You can be fined up to £1,000 if you don’t tell DVLA about a medical condition that affects your driving. You may be prosecuted if you’re involved in an accident as a result.

If you have a medical condition or disability which may affect your driving, you should take an assessment at a Mobility Centre, rather than just a simple driving assessment or refresher training.

Visit: https://www.gov.uk/health-conditions-and-driving