EurocarersEurocarers brings together carers’ organisations as well as relevant universities & research institutes – a unique combination that enables evidence-based advocacy.

Their aim is to act as a voice for informal carers, irrespective of their age or the particular health need of the person they are caring for by:

  • Documenting and raising awareness about the significant contribution made by carers to health and social care systems and the economy as a whole, and of the need to safeguard this contribution;
  • Ensuring that EU and national policies take account of carers, i.e. promote their social inclusion, the development of support services, enable them to remain active in paid employment and maintain a social life.

They call for the development of an ambitious and comprehensive EU-level initiative that would address the various challenges facing carers throughout Europe by encouraging member states to recognise and support their significant contribution to care systems and society as a whole. A description of their vision for such an initiative is summarised in the document ‘Enabling Carers to Care‘.

For more information about their activities, please download their Annual Report 2017.