The Government has only sent one text message to the public regarding new rules about staying at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Any others claiming to be from UK Government are false.

Criminals are able to use spoofing technology to send texts and emails impersonating organisations that you know and trust. We would remind anyone who receives an unexpected text or email asking for personal or financial details not click on the links or attachments.

Some Southampton residents who have been identified as clinically vulnerable but have not yet registered for government support may get a text from Southampton City Council under 'SotonCC', reminding them to register in the next couple of days.

Occasionally Southampton City Council will communicate with residents and tenants direct by electronic media such as text messaging. For example, our Customer Payment and Debt Team have provided tenants they are currently working with, direct phone numbers to contact if they needed any help with rent or benefits. These messages are legitimate and were sent out to make sure people know who they can turn to for help. Please note this is for advice only and we will never ask you for personal or financial details. If you are unsure, please check by calling the COVID-19 helpline: 023 8083 4800.

Before you respond to any offer, please remember Take Five protection advice

  • Stop - Don’t be pressurised into sending off money immediately to someone you don’t even know.
  • Think - How likely is it that I’ve specially been chosen? Millions of people have probably received the same offer.
  • Think again - Always read the offer carefully. Speak to family or friends or seek advice.

How to report scams

Reporting to Action Fraud can be done online at or by calling 0300 123 2040

Latest SCAM advice

For the latest advice on COVID-19 scams and fraud protection, please visit Citizens AdviceTrading Standards or the Action Fraud websites.