How to prepare for the assessment
Before the assessment it may help to write a day-to-day diary of your caring tasks, to remind you how much you do and to think about how you will answer the questions.  During the assessment you will be asked about: 

  • Your personal and family situation and history including existing support and things that are working well.
  • The details of the care and support you provide and the parts you think are most important.
  • What, if any, support you receive from others e.g. family members, community, GP.
  • Your living situation including challenges with finances, transport, cooking, shopping, cleaning etc.
  • Other caring responsibilities e.g. for children or other family members.
  • Impact of your caring role on your family, social life and work.
  • Impact of your caring role on your mental wellbeing and physical health.
  • Your ability to continue your role.
  • Details of the people you care for.

You can download a more detailed guide to the questions below:

Carers guide to carers assessment as PDF file 

Carers guide to carers assessment as Word file

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