Healthwatch Southampton Care Homes Project

Project Overview
Healthwatch Southampton would like your real-life stories of your experience of care homes during the pandemic.

Whilst the media has done some reporting on care homes, most of the attention has been on the NHS. Healthwatch Southampton are keen to shine a positive light on peoples’ experiences of care homes so they can draw together themes in a report that highlights:

  • Where things have worked really well
  • Where there have been challenges, and how they’ve been overcome
  • How Staff, Managers and Care Home Owners have gone the extra mile, often in difficult circumstances
  • What has been learned
  • How the care home industry needs to adapt, in light of Covid, for the future
  • What all this has meant for relatives and residents

By doing this Healthwatch Southampton can have influence on local decision makers, the care home system, and the public to:

  • Raise awareness of care homes and the challenges and achievements during the pandemic
  • Celebrate these achievements
  • Make recommendations for improvements, based on what you’ve told them

Care Homes Project Plan

Phase 1

Currently underway

Focus Groups with Care Home Owners, Managers and Staff

Book into Zoom focus groups below:

Care Home Managers 17th and 19th May
Care Home Staff 24th and 26th May
Care Home Owners 2nd and 3rd June

Phase 2

Currently underway

An online survey directed at Carers, Unpaid Carers and Family and Friends of residents.

Click here to do the survey

Phase 3

Interviews with Residents

If you wish to have a one to one interview instead please contact Healthwatch Southampton by phoning 023 8021 6018 or email [email protected] to schedule a phone interview at a time convenient for you.