Hft e-learning course in Personalised Technology supports adults with learning disabilities. Learning disability charity Hft has launched an online training course on #personalisedtechnology (PT) to raise awareness of how it can be used to help improve people’s quality of life. The virtual #training module is an introductory guide to PT, also known as #assistivetechnology, which is used to support people with learning disabilities and other vulnerable groups to live with a greater level of #independence safely. The training sessions aim to open people’s minds to the outcomes that #technology can help achieve for people with disabilities, their families, providers and funding authorities. This e-learning training module is aimed at support providers, local authorities, housing providers and families. It is suitable for anyone who supports a vulnerable person with varying needs e.g. #learningdisabilities, #dementia, #physicaldisabilities and #mentalhealth.
Products can range from domestic appliances, such as kettles which will only dispense a precise amount of boiling water into a mug, to sensors that alert someone that a person is having a seizure.

If you’d like to find out more about personalised technology elearning training, please contact the HfT team via

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0117 906 1700