Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower discreetly indicates to people around you including staff, colleagues and health professionals that you need additional support, help or a little more time.

Sunflower lanyards are worn as a discrete means for air and rail passengers with hidden disabilities to indicate that they need special assistance. For example, passengers with a stoma, autism, dementia, visual or hearing impairment. Available at Sainsbury's, Tesco, M&S, Southampton General Hospital and many more locations.  Since its launch in 2016, the sunflower lanyard has now been adopted globally by major airports and venues and in the UK, by many supermarkets, railway and coach stations, leisure facilities, the NHS, a number of police, fire and ambulance services, and an increasing number of small and large businesses and organisations. Find out where it is recognised near you using this Sunflower location map.

How to get a sunflower lanyard for people with hidden disabilities

You can ask the University Hospital in Southampton for one or simply pick one up in a participating supermarket, airport, station or venue at a customer service desk or at checkout. The lanyards are free, available to keep and you don’t need to provide proof of your disability.

You can also purchase one at The Hidden Disabilities Store for 66p plus postage.

If you would like this scheme to be more widely adopted, how about contacting companies you often use to tell them about it and encourage them to adopt it too?