The NHNN Multidisciplinary Huntington’s Disease Clinic is featured in the Department of Health Good Practice Guide for Care of People with Long-Term Neurological Conditions.

What is the Multidisciplinary Huntington’s Disease Clinic?

It is a specialist clinic for people who either have, or are at risk of developing, Huntington’s Disease, and their families and carers.

The clinic sees people for the following reasons:

  • To give advice, information, social and emotional support
  • For genetic counselling (people at risk of HD)
  • For prenatal genetic testing
  • For management of symptoms
  • To give information about research and the opportunity to take part in current research projects in Huntington’s disease, if appropriate

How can I be referred to the clinic?

You cannot refer yourself to the HD clinic. We can accept referrals from General Practitioners and hospital specialists (usually neurologists, psychiatrists or clinical geneticists). The quickest way to be referred to the clinic is usually to see your GP.

Referrals should be addressed to:

Professor Sarah Tabrizi (Professor of Clinical Neurology)
Huntington’s Disease Multidisciplinary Clinic,
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery,
Queen Square,
London WC1N 3BG.

Who will I see in clinic?

There is a whole team of people who work as part of the clinic. You may see one or more of them at your appointment, depending on what your needs are, what the needs of your family or carers are and what the person who originally referred you said in their referring letter.

Full information here: http://hdresearch.ucl.ac.uk/hd-clinic/

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