Infosound is an independent registered charity that produces and distributes free and relevant information, in audio, that may be of interest to vision-impaired (that is, blind and partially-sighted) people across Great Britain. They are a non-commercial, editorially-impartial public service, funded entirely by voluntary donation.
The information Infosound produce covers topics about the everyday practicalities of living with sight loss, such as daily-living aids and products, benefits, holidays, mobility, travel, housing, employment, training, leisure, sport, money, consumer matters, hobbies and the important issues of the moment.  They also carry briefings of events and one-off services run for the benefit of blind and partially-sighted people and they welcome contributions from vision-impaired people who want to share their experiences, hints, tips and opinions. 
This web site is designed to be a fully-accessible information resource for blind and partially-sighted computer-users.
Phone: 03000 111 555

Email: [email protected]