IPSEA: Independent Parental Special Education Advice 

Registered charity improving education for children with SEN/Disability by giving parents free legally-based advice

IPSEA mailing list

Click here to join the mailing list so that they can send you relevant updates and information.

Information service

This operates as a signposting service and is for general legal queries. By completing their online Information Service form, you will get a quick response, signposting you to factsheets and links to information on their website.

Advice Line

This provides next step advice on: problems with schools, requesting statutory assessment, statements and Education, Health and Care Plans, annual reviews, disability discrimination and exclusion. Please click here to book an appointment to get one of their advisers to call you back.

Tribunal Helpline

Their Tribunal Helpline Gives next step advice on SEN appeals and disability discrimination claims to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal. When you call they will also assess whether you need casework support. Please click here to book an appointment to get one of their advisers to call you back.

IPSEA training

IPSEA provides a wide range of SEN training for Parents, School Staff, Parent Forums, Support Groups, Local Authority SEN teams, Parent Partnership Schemes, School Governors and other groups / organisations. Click here for details.

Face to Face Advice

IPSEA is now able to offer free and independent legally based SEN advice at Face to Face sessions organised in conjunction with the Pen Green Centre for children and families (pengreen.org).

For information on how to book a session please click here.


Social media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ipsea.page

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IPSEAcharity