Learning disability draft market position statement

Southampton City Council are currently putting together a Learning Disability Market Position Statement (MPS). This aims to set the direction for LD service development and design over the next 5 years.

There is a duty of the Care Act to promote diversity, quality and sustainability of local care services. As part of this duty, SCC have written a draft Market Position Statement to help shape the services for people with a Learning Disability in Southampton over the next 5 years. The aim is to help them to achieve the outcomes that matter to them in their lives.

Southampton City Council have assessed their service provision in the market position statement against the National Service Model. The National Service Model describes what good services and support look like for people with a learning disability. The model is structured around 9 key principles to delivering high quality services and support.

SCC want to get input from people with learning disabilities and their carers so have created an online survey which has been published today at the link below:


The survey will be open for the next 3 – 4 weeks for responses after which SCC will collate the feedback and publish the MPS.