Disabled ID


The card can be applied for by disabled individuals or by a representative or guardian for the disabled person. If you are applying on behalf of the individual then please complete the application as if you were the cardholder, their personal details will be used and not the person applying for the card on their behalf. Only those who are in receipt of qualifying disability benefits can apply for the card:

  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Attendance Allowance (AA)
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Blue Badge
  • ESA
  • Medical Evidence Letter
  • Registered as a blind person or partially sighted
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment


The documentary evidence must be up to date and will need to be uploaded as a single document as part of the application process. It must show the cardholders name and address and the expiry or review date of their relevant entitlement. A scan / photo of the first page of the document is all that is required.


The photo should be similar to the passport style and should be in jpeg format and will be uploaded as part of the application process.

Your photograph may be rejected and your application delayed unless it shows your:

  • head and shoulders and not obscured in any way
  • face clearly visible and facing forward
  • glasses worn without reflective glare ( sunglasses are not acceptable, unless worn for medical reasons)
  • head without any head covering, except worn for medical or religious reasons
  • face against a clear background without shadow
  • eye open and without red eye

Photographs of Children

  • The youngster must be photographed on their own
  • Dummies must be removed
  • No toys visible
  • Very young or severely disabled youngsters do not have to have their eyes open but their face must be visible and not obscured in any way.

If there is any difficult in meeting these criteria please feel free to add any relevant comments in the comments box when completing the online application. If applying via the postal method please include an explanation in a covering note.

To apply visit: http://www.did-card.co.uk/apply.php

Payment Options

Full on-line application using the online secure payment facility:
1 year card £10
2 year card £13

Postal or Partially online application using a cheque or postal order included with the application.
1 year card £15
2 year card £18

Please note the renewal date will either be one or two years from the date of application or the renewal date of your DLA entitlement or other relevant benefit, whichever is the earliest.

All cardholders irrespective of the method of completion of the application form will be assigned a unique ID and a cardholder's account will be created online. Your username and password will be sent to your email address and you will be able to log on and amend or upload any personal details or documentation.

Payment will be taken via the secure payment facility when the application is completed. If for any reason the card cannot be processed then a full refund will be made to the cardholders account. The card may be delayed if the photograph does not meet the criteria detailed above or the documents provided are incomplete or out of date. In these situations we will attempt to contact you using the information and email address provided on the application form and explain why the application process has been suspended. The cardholder will be able to re-upload the necessary documentation or photograph by accessing their profile by logging in with their user name and password.

If for any reason the application has been rejected we will inform you and refund the payment processing fee. Any personal information held will then be deleted.


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