The Nautilus Welfare Fund provides financial support to retired seafarers and their dependants across the UK.  The service is pleased to support Retired Mariners and their dependants, former RFA personnel, Veteran mariners and their dependants, those who have supported HM Armed Forces in periods of conflict.

The Fund offers a one-off grant. Caseworkers are available to visit the homes of retired seafarers in Southampton who can talk you through the application process. They also accept referrals across the UK.

One-off grant

A lump sum payment could be used for:

  • essential household items
  • maintenance
  • independent living equipment (mobility scooters, showers, stair-lifts)
  • removal expenses
  • outstanding bills

And much more.

If you are a retired seafarer and there is something you need to help you live independently then please contact the Nautilus Welfare Fund and they will try to help. The Fund also works closely with other maritime charities, so if you need expensive items they can share the costs to help to provide them.

To apply for a one-off grant, please complete the application form here:


If you are unsure what to apply for, what benefits or support you are entitled to, or have any other concerns about your finances, then a caseworker can visit you in your home to provide one-to-one guidance and assistance.

They can provide benefits information to help clients access all the benefits including completing and submitting application forms and public services they are entitled to. This includes applying for Nautilus Welfare Fund grants and other charitable grants, and the caseworkers can also help clients find other organisations which provide independent living support.

During a caseworker visit, the caseworker can also check on the general wellbeing of the retired seafarers and their dependants and advise them on any other groups or activities which could help them enjoy a happy and healthy retirement.

The caseworker service is free, confidential and they will visit you in the privacy of your own home and, they provide telephone, email and video calls.

The caseworker for Southampton and Portsmouth is Sandra Silverwood. Sandra can visit retired seafarers in their homes and provide advice and guidance on benefit entitlements, additional financial support and other lifestyle services which may enable them to stay in their homes for longer.

To arrange a visit for yourself or a retired seafarer who you believe would benefit from the service, please contact Sandra directly:

Local contact

Email: [email protected]

Mobile phone: 07841 779237

Head office contact

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0151 346 8840


Address: Trinity House Hub, Webster Avenue, Mariners' Park, Wallasey, Merseyside CH44 OAE

For examples of help given see case studies below.

Case studies:

Wife of a retired Merchant Navy member asked for help with funeral costs for her husband’s funeral as she had no income to pay for this. NWF caseworker was able to apply for grants from several Maritime Charities to pay for the funeral.

The client said she felt a huge relief that her husband could have a fitting goodbye and it had eased her stress at a time of great sorrow.

Former member of the RFA contacted the casework service for a grant to replace a cooker and fridge that had broken down due to old age and a grant was awarded and the goods replaced. In addition to this Caseworker identified that the client was eligible for additional Welfare Benefits, assisted client with an application for Attendance Allowance which was awarded.

The client was grateful for our help to increase his income, provide new white goods and that it gave him more income to pay for additional help he needed with shopping and gardening.

Former Merchant Navy Veteran that served during the Falklands Conflict contacted the case working service for help applying for Welfare benefits. A full benefit check was completed, and he was assisted to apply for Personal Independence Payment due to his declining health which was awarded. In addition to this he was put in contact with other Falkland Veterans and was able to share those experiences. Caseworker was also able to get a Veterans Medal for our client.

The client said he feels more financially secure, proud to have his medal and grateful there is someone to ask for help.