11th July BBC Radio 4 Money Box Live

Unpaid carers are people of any age who look after friends or family members who need help due to a mental health issue, disability, illness or addiction. Last year analysis from the Office for National Statistics suggested that the social care provided by unpaid carers in the UK is worth £57bn.

What help, both financial and otherwise, is available for unpaid carers? If you have a separate job what legal and informal options exist for you to get the help you need from your employer? If you're a young carer, where can you find support?

Joining Paul Lewis are Sally West, Policy Manager Income and Policy for Age UK, Katherine Wilson, Head of Employers for Carers which is a Carers UK initiative and Laura Bennett, Senior Policy Manager, Young and Young Adult Carers at Carers Trust.

Listen here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b90prn