Useful websites about cancer provided by Action Hampshire

Catching cancer early gives you a better chance of recovery. There are some really helpful guides here about spotting symptoms and attending screening.

Organisations that can help you

Cancer Research UK

Macmillan Cancer Support

World Cancer Research Fund

Wessex Cancer Alliance


Prostate Cancer UK

Breast Cancer UK

Breast Cancer Care

Bowel Cancer UK

British Lung Foundation

Videos that explain things clearly

Prostate Cancer
Two Minutes to save a man’s life: Video from Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer - One in Four Black men will get prostate Cancer
Video from Prostate Cancer: One in Four Black Men

Breast Cancer Awareness
Video from Be Clear on Cancer NHS campaign: Raising awareness amongst Asian women 70+

What is Bowel Cancer? Cancer Research UK
Video: What is Bowel Cancer? Cancer Research UK

How obesity can cause cancer
Video from Cancer Research UK outlining how obesity can cause cancer

Importance of early diagnosis - Clive's Story
Video from Cancer Research UK: Clive’s Story (Bowel Cancer)

Cervical Screening
Cervical Screening Video: Cancer Research UK

How to do the Bowel Screening test
Video showing how to complete the home bowel testing kit. Cancer Research UK

Bowel Testing
Bowel Testing Video from Easy Health

Increasing Screening for women with Learning Disabilities
Video from NHS on the work carried out in Cornwall to increase the number of women with learning difficulties attending mammograms.

British Sign Language - Symptoms
Video in British Sign Language from Macmillan Cancer Support.