Are you providing care to someone outside of your household? The government recommends that you use PPE (personal protective equipment) for infection control and is offering free PPE items and sanitiser liquid so you can continue to keep yourself and those you care for safe from COVID-19 if you have to move between households. 

Items include disposable aprons, surgical gloves, surgical masks, eye/face protection and sanitiser liquid. 

The type of PPE you should wear will depend on the type of care you provide. This illustrated guide shows you which items of PPE are recommended for you to wear, depending on the scenario. This is also written in the table below.

Guidance about which PPE items you may need


When providing close personal care in direct contact with the person being cared for (e.g. touching) OR within 2 metres of anyone in the household who is coughing.


  • Disposable apron
  • Surgical gloves
  • Fluid resistant surgical mask
  • Eye/face protection


Within 2m of, but not in physical contact with, someone you are caring for who is clinically extremely vulnerable.

  • Disposable apron
  • Surgical gloves
  • Type II surgical mask


When within 2 metres of person being cared for or household members but not delivering personal care or needing to touch them, and there is no one within 2 metres who has a cough.

  • Type II surgical mask



More than 2m from someone you are caring for who is clinically extremely vulnerable (while indoors).

  • Disposable apron
  • Surgical gloves
  • Type II surgical mask

To order free PPE items through Carers in Southampton please complete this form 

There you can provide your details securely so we can contact you to arrange safe collection of the items you need.

It is essential that PPE is worn correctly in order to reduce the risk of transmission. PPE should be put on and removed at least 2 metres away from the person you are caring for.

See guidance on how to put on and take off PPE correctly.

You can see a video here instructing you on how to put on/take off PPE correctly:

As key workers, unpaid carers are also able to access priority testing when they have symptoms through the government’s testing portal.

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