Available now:

Any carers who are struggling with the current situation, please contact Jackie Petley, Carer’s Experience Lead at University Hospitals Southampton.  She will either email/post you information or arrange a telephone appointment. 

Preference is email to: [email protected]

Alternative if no access to email: 07917 554738.

Coming soon:

University Hospital Southampton virtual appointments for carers and families of those affected by COFID 19, especially of those patients who are in a critical condition in isolation as they are unable to be have family members with them.  Resources on UHS COVID-19 webpage. 

Keep checking for updates here: https://www.uhs.nhs.uk/AboutTheTrust/Newsandpublications/Latestnews/2020/March/COVID-19-update-from-University-Hospital-Southampton.aspx

Also see: https://www.uhs.nhs.uk/AboutTheTrust/Newsandpublications/Latestnews/2020/March/COVID-19-Visiting-restrictions-across-our-hospitals.aspx

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