Carers Trust, in partnership with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC), has developed a suite of resources to support unpaid carers and pharmacy teams to work together to improve  access essential medicines during the COVID-19 pandemic. 2nd June 2020 Carers Trust article

This week Carers Trust, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and PSNC have worked together to make pharmacists across England aware of simple things that can be put in place to improve carers’ experiences and ability to access the medicines they need. These include:

  • Allowing two people into store when the carer has no choice but to take the person being cared for to the pharmacy with them.
  • Considering prioritising un-paid carers of vulnerable/shielding people for medicine delivery slots.
  • Recognising that, for some families, young carers are the only people able to collect medicines in the household.

A guide has also been published to support unpaid carers to make the most out of their pharmacy team. It sets out helpful hints and tips for carers including:

  • Ordering prescriptions at least seven days before they are needed.
  • Only ordering as much medicine as needed.
  • Checking dispensing hours before visiting a pharmacy.
  • Asking family, friends or a local action group to help if you’re unable to collect a prescription.
  • Making an emergency plan in case you become unwell and cannot collect medication.
  • Making sure you know the full name, address and date of birth for anyone you’re collecting a prescription for and bringing ID with you.

Full article available here:

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