As of the 6th April 2021, the Southampton Living Well Hubs open once again and look forward to welcoming members back to their COVID- secure environment. If you or your family would like to know more about the Southampton Living Well service, please:

Contact Southampton Living Well on 023 8051 6021 or email [email protected].

Continued support for Southampton Living Well members in Southampton

An update from Living Well partnership on work to combat loneliness in older people across the city:

"At a time when ‘self-isolation’ was necessary for many of the people we support at Southampton Living Well, we are proud that the team have continued to work tirelessly throughout the pandemic to remain in contact with and offer support for our members during this difficult period.

From the beginning, we understood the effects a lockdown might have on our members, many of whom live alone at home. Therefore, we had conversations with our members individually and devised plans to help them achieve their short-term goals. With our support, many of our members have managed to maintain their health and wellbeing through activities such as; supported outdoor exercise, maintaining a healthy home environment through support with daily tasks at home, or encouraging members to connect with family and friends digitally to reduce loneliness.

However, it was also clear that the most important thing people wanted was company. Throughout the pandemic, the Southampton Living Well team have stayed in contact with the members and their families through a range of methods, from telephone calls and a chat to discuss how they are feeling and discussing any worries they may have, to video calls with members. The team have also been going out to member’s homes in a secure and safe manner and supplying them with engaging weekly activity booklets and reading materials in partnership with organisations such as the Memory Box Project. Our efforts have proven to be vital to maintaining the wellbeing of our members and have helped to act as a barrier against the increasing loneliness that older people across the city have faced over the last year. From supporting our members with errands or providing others who care for them with some respite time, our fantastic team of carers have successfully maintained a high level of service for our members at home.

Further initiatives such as our pen-pal letter campaign, where we engaged with the local community to send in their letters for our members, not only helped people to understand the situation many older people have faced throughout the lockdown, but actively helped to reduce isolation and several intergenerational friendships were formed as a result."