11th December 2018

The Secretary of State has announced measures to reduce the most severely disabled benefit claimants having their awards unnecessarily reviewed.

Personal Independence Payment covers some of the extra costs caused by long term disability or ill-health.

New guidance will ensure that people who are awarded the highest level of support under Personal Independence Payment, and whose needs are expected to stay the same or increase, will receive an ongoing award, with a ‘light touch’ review every 10 years so they no longer have to have their needs re-examined.

Previously this was going to only be applicable for new claims, but the Secretary of State has now taken steps to ensure this also applies to existing claims.

This is to ensure that for disabled people who need extra support, the system is designed to be as seamless as possible while minimising any unnecessary stress or bureaucracy.

The extract above is taken from the linked Government information announcement below. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the announcement to see the information about PIP.