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Nutrition Wheel

Undernutrition is a form of ‘malnutrition’, which simply means ‘poor nutrition’. It affects 10-15% of people over 65 years of age. A person can become undernourished when they don’t eat enough of the right foods to keep them healthy. Undernutrition has serious consequences because the body isn’t getting the right nutrition to work properly. Some consequences of undernutrition include reduced ability to fight infections, reduced mobility, increased risk of falls, poor wound healing and more frequent GP visits and hospital admissions. Undernutrition is not Wessex AHSNll recognised or treated in the community.

In view of this, Wessex AHSN have worked in collaboration with the Patients Association and Bournemouth University to develop the Nutrition Wheel. The Nutrition Wheel is an interactive version of the Patients Association Nutrition Checklist and has been designed to be a conversation starter.


Nutrition Wheel orders

The Nutrition Wheel will be available for people working or volunteering in the Wessex AHSNssex region from July to September 2019 (Hampshire, Dorset, South Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight). If you are a volunteer, carer, or voluntary sector / charity organisation working within the Wessex AHSNssex region, and wish to use the Nutrition Wheel with older people, please use the online form to place your order.

Please note the Nutrition Wheel itself is made from durable coated card, and as such Nutrition Wheels can be used many times. The Nutrition Wheel is a tool to be kept by the volunteer or care worker. It is not a patient resource, and as such is not appropriate to give out to patients or clients.

When you order the Nutrition Wheel, you will sent a Nutrition Wheel, along with a copy of the advice sheet (to be given to anyone the Nutrition Wheel identifies as 'at risk') and an explanatory guide. The following resources form part of the Nutrition Wheel toolkit, and can be downloaded through the 'resources' section:

  • Advice sheet
  • Explanatory guide 
  • Nutrition FAQ
  • Information for GPs and Practice Nurses
  • OPEN leaflet (can be printed and given to anyone at risk of undernutrition
  • Development of the Nutrition Wheel (the research behind it)

The Nutrition Wheel will be launching nationally by the Malnutrition Task Force in September 2019. All orders after this date should go through the Malnutrition Task Force Wessex AHSNbsite.

For additional information about the wheel visit:  

https://Wessex AHSNssexahsn.org.uk/projects/236/nutrition-wheel