Parenting Mental Health (PMH) is a charity and an online support group that offers support to parents/carers - of any age child, no age restrictions whatsoever.  You don't have to be the parent - you can be anyone caring for a child with mental illness or poor mental health.  It is expertly run by Suzanne Alderson, who has also written a book called Never Let Go: How To Parent Your Child Through Mental Illness, and her team.  PMH currently offers support to around 20,000 people worldwide and is growing by the day.  It is a really safe, supportive and compassionate space for parents/carers, and there is a wealth of lived experience to make you feel you are not alone and amongst others to really 'get it'.  It can be such an isolating experience caring for someone with a mental illness, and this group enables you to feel less alone in that journey.  Not only is PMH a great source of support, it also runs training courses for parents and listening circles (small group zoom support run by a trained parent), and it is soon launching peer mentorship and in person meet up groups.  There are many smaller sub groups within the main private group as well.