A website with musical resources for anyone caring for someone who has a diagnosis of dementia or for someone who is isolated.

The website was the brainchild of Sally Magnusson.  It shows you how to simply make relevant playlists to help support friends and family members.

Their resources page is full of free materials to help you at each stage of your playlist journey, whether you’re making a personal playlist for yourself or helping someone to make theirs.  See: https://www.playlistforlife.org.uk/resources/  

Phone: 0141 404 0683

Email: [email protected] 
Website: https://www.playlistforlife.org.uk/  


Shielding Community Help Points (SCHP).  You can now order a small pack of materials to be distributed to anyone who you think might benefit – perhaps popped in a shopping bag, or along with a prescription as they are being dropped off.  Or perhaps only the volunteers will use the materials and use them during phone conversations, it would be entirely up to you.  While the charity has traditionally been aimed at people with dementia, they know that during these difficult times a playlist might help anyone living in isolation, especially elderly, so feel free to distribute SCHP materials as you see fit.

What is in the pack?

  1. 50 Get Started Leaflets
  2. 50 Conversation Starters
  3. 50 Create the Soundtrack to Your Life workbooks
  4. A cover letter, explaining the best use of the resources above

In addition to the pack there will also be online support and videos. 

You can sign up here with this very short registration form.  Any questions email ENTER YOUR EMAIL or [email protected].