The Primary Health workers sit within the Early Intervention CAMHS team and support young people aged 11-18 who are experiencing emotional or mental health difficulties that may not meet the core CAHMS criteria. They will work either on a short term or a long-term basis depending on the needs of the individual, providing support with the following:

Anxiety, self-harm, suicidal thought (without attempting or making plans to commit suicide), low moods, consistently getting angry, withdrawn from others, body image/self-esteem/self-worth and helping to minimise negative life experiences.

Workers can see young people in school or a safe location in the community (No Limits or health centre).

All referrals in to the team are via CAMHS DUTY SPA Triage and go through the usual CAMHS referral and triage process to decide which service is best for the young person (PMHW, Early Intervention, CORE CAMHS, etc) or through a No Limits worker if they are working with a young person.