The RemindMecare app is a social impact project providing person-centred care and activity tools.  Helps family members connect with people living with dementia and learning disabilities to build understanding between different generations, cultures and backgrounds. 

ReMe is free to those cared for at home. 

Family carers can benefit from using ReMe to support caring for their loved ones at home. The key to ReMe is that it not only supports the person cared for at home but can also be used by other care providers; from doctors, wishing to prescribe post diagnosis and elderly care in the community support, to end of life care, such as in the UK’s NHS hospital wards.

ReMe provides family, friends, nurses and other formal carers with simple and rewarding personal activities that entertain whilst also building a vault of meaningful personal information. Together you explore pictures, music and video, collecting favourites along the way. It’s fun to use and most importantly, it’s a safe place to store and share information that really matters to the person being cared for.

RemindMeCare built ReMe after witnessing young family members unable to make a connection with relatives. Since then, they’ve worked with people living with dementia, learning disabilities and senior care services to develop a rewarding means to build understanding between different generations, cultures and backgrounds, always keeping the person cared for and their loved ones in control of the personal information we call Electronic Life Records (ELR; life story, likes/dislikes, preferences, moods, routines, habits, and of course memories).

When the time comes to introduce new carers or move to a new care setting, ReMe is there to introduce the experiences, interests and background that are unique to the individual in their charge to the new carers. ReMe helps present the person rather than a list of symptoms.

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