A parent-led support group for families of children with autism or mental health issues. Founded with mutual support in mind, and for families whose children face similar issues to meet up in an informal setting and share knowledge and talk about any issues they are facing. Re:Minds meet twice a month now.  The meeting at the end of the month is from 10-12 and usually has a speaker.  The mid-month meeting is from 9.45-11.15am and is an informal pop-in and a chance to chat to other families over a cuppa and get advice about paperwork, issues or just talk!  Meetings are on a drop-in basis during term time.


St. James Road Methodist Church, St. James Road, Shirley, Southampton, SO15 5HE


Free.  Donations for refreshments.


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New group:

"I can quite easily say that Re:minds saved me. I was desperate and flailing in a system designed to help but that actually was not offering me any solutions or help. In my darkest hour I considered ending it for both of us. I came to that first meeting at Re:minds full of trepidation, I didn’t know anyone else there and talking about my daughters fragile mental health seemed a daunting thing, but I knew that we were in danger of losing her if I didn’t find a way to help her myself. The group were so welcoming and Gill opened up by putting everyone at their ease and talked about her own son and his mental health. All of a sudden I was in a room full of friends. I can say with certainty that some of these people are now friends for life, I am understood, supported, befriended and most of all I’m not on my own struggling with this scary condition.

You never know when you are going to walk in these shoes and I didn’t know how many people were walking in them with me.
The group has gone on to make alliances with CAMHS and is well respected by parents and professionals alike. I’ve had training, borrowed books, drank coffee, cried with others, and I hope helped out others along the way.

Quite simply without this group I have no doubt things could have ended up differently. Thank you Gill, you are amazing and I am privileged to have met you.