Researching Ageing, Dementia and Frailty

Can you help?

A group of health researchers at the University of Southampton is looking at ageing, dementia and frailty in older people. They have a range of studies that need input from people who use health and social care services, their families and carers, and members of the public. Public/patient/carer involvement is vital to research, helps them develop our research before we start, during the research process, and helps them to get their results to people that need it. You will not be ‘participating’ in the studies; you will be shaping our research, before it happens, during the research and sharing the results afterwards.

For their Frailty dynamics study, they are looking at data to see how frailty affects older people and what health and social care services that they may need. This will help services like GP surgeries, hospitals and people who plan services to meet people’s needs. 

What would your role be, and how can you help?

They would like you to give your insights, opinions and views into the results as they go through the study. They would like you to help us develop ‘scenarios’ to help them to shape their research and tell them what patients/public might prefer when designing services to cater for their needs.

Your participation can be as short or long as you would like it to be.  For example, you could attend one group; they could arrange to speak to you via phone or other method. They will fit around you, and your health and life. 

If you wish to register to be on their database, and have a particular interest around ageing, dementia, frailty, please contact Francesca who will be able to send you information.

How can I take part?

You can contact:  Francesca Lambert - [email protected] for further details, or telephone 023 80 595917 (part-time hours)

Will I be paid?

They can assist with any reasonable expenses you incur.

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